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Mavtech Energy's team has a proven track record of equipment/services/technology representation so can assist in all phases of technology commercialization and representation. We have direct experience in the successful launch of products and services related to Ultra Low NOx Combustion (ULNB), Emission Control (SCR, NOx, CO2, PM2.5, etc.), Power Generation, Energy Forecasting Tools, Asset Conversion, etc. Let us put our combined experience to work for you efficiently and effectively. 

We are a company that while respecting the importance of the incremental sequential steps, our eye is toward successful execution.

· Product Representation

· Market Definition

· Competitive Analysis

· Pricing Structures

· Distribution

· Execution!

We understand a new launch can be resource intensive, let us help. We can work on a fixed fee, percentage, equity participation, or some combination thereof......


Put Mavtech Energy experience to work for all your project development and equipment permitting needs. Our team experience includes permitting some of the first PEAKER Plants that went on line during the energy crunch of 1999/2000. Since then, we have been involved in hundreds of permit application packages including but not limited to;





We have in depth experience working with the CEC, SDAPCD, AQMD and many other local and regional air districts throughout the West including Hawaii.

Currently there are active rules within the AQMD District including 1146 updates and now new updates to RECLAIM which apply to the larger contributors of NOx and SOx. 

Our team prepares a complete package, not just an application. The package is designed to tell a complete story to the District, so that they have a clear and concise understanding of what you are trying to achieve. This assures good communication and facilitates an expeditious process from permit application to the receipt of an Authority to Construct (ATC), and ultimately, a Permit to Operate.

We are available to meet jointly with you and the District, to discuss issues that may develop as a result of the permit process. Please contact us at or call direct at; 949 388 9531 today to discuss the many ways we can help! 


· Our AQMD Permitting process is FAST, EFFICIENT, and COST EFFECTIVE. We break the process down into simple managable steps.

· Submit your order to process your application, either by phone; 949 388 9531, fax; 949 388 9571, or by email;  Please contact us today!

· Once your order is confirmed, we will forward you a Simple Information Request Form (SIRF).

· Additionally, we will calculate the appropriate FEE's payable to the District.

· Once all information is received, within days, we will determine all applicable forms, perform a complete analysis, and have your Application Package ready for your signature.

· Once your Application Package is submitted to the AQMD, we can assure we will be there to help facilitate the process along the way.            

Don't spend your time weighing through mounds of paper work, trying to figure out which forms to use or which process to analyze. Put our experience to work for you cost effectively. 

Remember, you must submit your Compliance Plan, or possibly be exposed to more stringent emission requirements.