Power Generation and Combined Cycle


MavTech Energy through our partner affiliates can provide custom-engineered gas turbine power generation systems, ranging from small single MW plants upwards of  25 MW modules. We can supply pure play power generation or combined cycle plants packaging Superior Boiler HRSGs with complete balance of plant equipment.

  • Power Turbines
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
  • Deaerators
  • Condensing Receivers
  • Diverters
  • Complete balance of plant (BOP)

MavTech Energy partner line of power generation package offer customers a cost-competitive, highly efficient power generation system backed by high reliability that can also be utilized to generate steam for heating and cooling applications.  Modules are pre-engineered and pre-packaged for ease of installation and FAST start up.


Design capability include: 

  • Modular pre-engineered systems
  • Fuel Flexibility
  • Combined Cycle plants
  • Code Compliance


A wide range of services are available from equipment supply, custom engineering, technical support, equipment packaging, commissioning and installation/installation support.

Typical industries we support are as follows;

•   Power Generation
•   Government and Public Sectors
•   Emergency Power
•   Offshore Platforms
•   Agricultural
•   Food and Beverage
•   Industrial Parks
•   City Infrastructures
•   Mining and Mineral Extraction
•   Hospitals

•   Universities
•   Cement Factories
•   Fertilizer Plants
•   Oil and Gas
•   Pulp and Paper
•   Sugar
•   Textiles
•   Manufacturing
•   Waste Treatment
•   Landfills