Experience and Values


MavTech Energy has built a virtual cohesive team of Engineers, Managers, Constructors, Technical Personel, and Equipment Manufacturers, aligned to create technically superior solutions in the most efficient manner. Team resources are managed in such a way, to obtain optimal creativity and problem solving, while maintaining the lowest fixed cost base. The savings as a result of this model are passed direct to the owner.

Managing Partner;  James A Harber Jr


As founding member of MavTech Energy, Mr Harber has over 25 years experience in business development and technology commercialization. Mr. Harber’s core competencies include;  persistence, ability to dissect complex situations, develop practical “go to market” plans and execution. A strength is the ability to build solid long term relationships.   Prior to starting MavTech Energy, Mr Harber was Engineering Manager for Calvert Environmental, a “State of the Art” air pollution control company which was acquired by Monsanto. Mr Harber prides himself with a successful association with AHM Associates for over 15 years, having received several awards for “Outstanding Performance” for the sale of Combustion/Energy/Environmental Control related equipment.  

Mr. Harber excelled in several businesses including co-founding an energy forecasting/demand-side management software company and an engineering consulting firm, responsible for licensing the first power plant to come online during the California energy crunch in 2000/2001. A benchmark success by Mr Harber, included spearing a team to develop and commercialize a core combustion product utilized in Enhanced Oil Production. This product was highly energy efficient and surpassed environmental regulations, which resulted in over $25 million in new revenues. Mr Harber combines this diverse techno-economic background with a true desire to assist people achieve their goals.  

Mr Harber has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from the Missouri University of Science and Technology at Rolla. Combined with this experience is a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Finance and International Marketing. Mr Harber has been on the board or involved in key organizations including Los Angeles Power Association (LAPA), EPA Task Force, and Representative Counsel. Mr Harber is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in California and Hawaii.

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Our core Values


Mavtech Energy has developed a pretty simple set of core values...

We are Striving to keep the land as clean as we found it, while improving life for those who occupy it......

Since 1999 we have applied these basic principles to guide us through the succesful execution of challenging projects.

This for us, has captured the essence of techncial prowness, through efficiency and simplification, while factoring in the impact of cost and long term effects on our surroundings. 

We look forward to disucssing with you, how these core values can be applied to your project to effect a long term cost effective solution.



What we do.....


As a recognized leader in the development of innovative energy and environmental solutions, MavTech Energy integrates the most advantageous energy conversion technology with the customers overall energy requirements. Given the urgent need of industry to rationalize their energy utilization, combined with regulatory incentives, MavTech Energy offers comprehensive products that transform variable energy and emissions cost dilemmas, into predictable equipment based solutions. 

The Company focuses on the key areas of Power/Steam Generation, Emissions Reduction, Regulatory Compliance, Renewable Energy, and Business Development.